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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blog Transformed !

Today onwards my blog has been transformed into
" The Veda " with some unique quality and behaviour . I express my deep gratitude for all those who gave excellent support, inspiration and critics to my blog these days and I expect the same co-operation in the future.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Answers for your query !

Yahoo! has launched a search sevice that allows users to ask questions using full sentences and not just keywords on Thursday.You will be notified via email when someone answers your question. Your question will be kept open, accepting answers for 14 days. During this 14 days, you should come and choose the best answer among all the answers posted. Or, you can ask others at Yahoo! Answers to vote on the answers received..The only thing that you need for using this feature is a valid Yahoo! ID.

The above mentioned service from Yahoo! is available at answers.yahoo.com. Just check it out.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mysterious Miracle !

Thiruvananthapuram - Kerala, India; Lok Sabha bye-election was held on November 18, to fill up the vacancy caused due to the demise of P.K Vasudevan Nair (Member of parliament). There were three contestants - V.S Sivakumar from UDF, Panniyan Ravindran from LDF and E.K Padmanabhan from BJP.

Here I am not trying to express anything related to kerala politics. The matter is somewhat strange.

In the evening of November 18th, after polling is over, veteran magician from kerala - Mr.Muthukad confidentially predicted the polling results in a sheet of paper and sealed it off in a highly secured bank locker. The event was presided over by ministers, police officials and other eminent personalities from Kerala as a proof of confidentiality (predicted result was not shown to anybody).

Today, verdict from the people has been announced and it is declared that Panniyan Ravindran of LDF won for a majority of 74,200 votes. LDF got above 3,80000 votes, UDF got nearly 3,10000 votes and BJP got a vote below 35,000.After the declaration of polling results, the result predicted by the magician has been taken into account for verification. Here is the miracle - The result predicted by Mr.Muthukad is approximately equivalent to the final verdict given by the people, which was announced four days after the bye-election as well as the magical event.

Thus a magical mystery has been successfully demonstrated by the magician- Mr.Muthukad. His attempt was to disprove the scientific theories, as it violates the very confidentiality of voting. Now it is the time for everyone who believes in science to rise against this and give a clear-cut proof to the above mentioned magical mystery.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Upcoming Threat ?

It is now possible for everyone (who uses computer) to travel through any part of the world via Google Earth. Google Earth brings infront of you the picture of almost every part of this world with excellent (high quality) resolution. Whether it is the 'Great Wall of China' or 'Rashtrapathy Bhavan' (dwelling of Indian President), you can view the spot and its premises with ultimate resolution.

Herein comes the threat. This software by Google provides an advantage for the terrorist, through which they can create a detailed study of the area, they wish to attack.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam - honorable President of Indian, has recently given a Google Alert ! to the defence department - to be conscious of the latest available technologies. As of now humans are prohibited from taking photographs of defensive areas, atomic research centres, airports and other confidential areas, as there is a law barrier for achieving security. But photographs of these areas can be taken through satellites - the technology which is used by Google Earth. Kalam has also advised that a law barrier should be kept against taking such photographs, which would otherwise result in a disaster.

Another important thing is that it is possible for everyone to view the 'Blue House of Ceyol', but the major confidential centres of USA like White house are forbidden to the users in Google Earth. Many countries like China, Korea etc.have rose against this. So this creates some mystery behind this.

The CEO of Google came forward and mentioned that there is no such hidden agenda behind Google Earth, and if there is anything in the software that affects the security of any country, it can be solved through bona fide discussions.

Dr.K.S Moorthy- one among the chiefs of Indian Information Technology Dept, proclaimed that the movement of soldiers, customs officials as well as the entire defence system can be known through softwares like Google Earth and similar kind of which is developed my Microsoft etc. which would act as a catalyst for terrorists, smugglers etc...to enhance their anti-social as well as anti-national activities, and therefore soldiers should remain in extreme vigilance.

So, the dispute is, Will Google Earth arise as an upcoming threat ?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yahoo! Tops

According to Comscore Media Matrix, Yahoo! is the most popular webmail on the net currently.It has 63 million plus users worldwide. AOL trails behind Yahoo and it has more than 48.7 million users. Hotmail shares the third position with an average of 44.7 million plus users.

Gmail - the most hyped web mail launched by Google, has 5.4 million plus users. It has an inbox capacity of above 2.5 GB. But Yahoo has a capacity only upto 1 GB. Gmail has also additional features compared to others.Even though it is well behind rest of them. But remember Gmail is only a beta version of Google mail.So its users are limited until the release of full version. Yahoo is also trying to improve its mailing environment by including some unique features, so as to make it extremely sleek.

So the battle is ON, and let us gaze for the final verdict.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Thunder !

Sachin Tendulkar
- the little master, veteran and the immortal hero of Indi
an cricket team is now back with a bang, after a short interval.

No one is able to stop or even control his charging effect, which can be termed as Tendulkar Effect.The news will be an enchanting one for each and every Indian citizen, but an awful as well as a threatening one for the rest of the World.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Firefox vs IE

Firefox, the open-source browser, developed by Mozilla is gaining its popularity among the browsers, as it is light and sleek.It is believed that Firefox has less security threats compared to Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE).

But the latest report by Symantec (California based security major), shows that Firefox are more vulnerable to attack than IE.According to the report there are 25 vulnerabilities in Firefox, of which 18 were found to be severe.In the case of IE, there are 13 vulnerabilities, and among them 8 were severe.Symantec defined these severe vulnerabilities as "resulting in a compromise of the entire system if exploited".But according to another security monitoring company, Secunia, there are 19 security issue that IE has to overcome. So these reports will arise a bitter confusion among the professionls in selecting the one, among the two.

Whatever it may be, personally I love the unique- Firefox.

I anxiously hope that the Firefox group would look into the vulnerabilties mentione above, and get it rectified rapidly.


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