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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Upcoming Threat ?

It is now possible for everyone (who uses computer) to travel through any part of the world via Google Earth. Google Earth brings infront of you the picture of almost every part of this world with excellent (high quality) resolution. Whether it is the 'Great Wall of China' or 'Rashtrapathy Bhavan' (dwelling of Indian President), you can view the spot and its premises with ultimate resolution.

Herein comes the threat. This software by Google provides an advantage for the terrorist, through which they can create a detailed study of the area, they wish to attack.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam - honorable President of Indian, has recently given a Google Alert ! to the defence department - to be conscious of the latest available technologies. As of now humans are prohibited from taking photographs of defensive areas, atomic research centres, airports and other confidential areas, as there is a law barrier for achieving security. But photographs of these areas can be taken through satellites - the technology which is used by Google Earth. Kalam has also advised that a law barrier should be kept against taking such photographs, which would otherwise result in a disaster.

Another important thing is that it is possible for everyone to view the 'Blue House of Ceyol', but the major confidential centres of USA like White house are forbidden to the users in Google Earth. Many countries like China, Korea etc.have rose against this. So this creates some mystery behind this.

The CEO of Google came forward and mentioned that there is no such hidden agenda behind Google Earth, and if there is anything in the software that affects the security of any country, it can be solved through bona fide discussions.

Dr.K.S Moorthy- one among the chiefs of Indian Information Technology Dept, proclaimed that the movement of soldiers, customs officials as well as the entire defence system can be known through softwares like Google Earth and similar kind of which is developed my Microsoft etc. which would act as a catalyst for terrorists, smugglers etc...to enhance their anti-social as well as anti-national activities, and therefore soldiers should remain in extreme vigilance.

So, the dispute is, Will Google Earth arise as an upcoming threat ?


  • At 8:21 PM, Blogger Unni Koroth said…

    Technology always brings threats along with it. It cant be prevented.

  • At 11:59 PM, Blogger Vishwajith said…

    Certainly yes-though terrorists attacks can never be brought upon the information provided by google earth,the new technology from google will help the anti socialists to get a detailed outline of the confidential areas.then after they can easily work upon the target.simply saying ,google earth will act as the stepping stone for terrorists.but it will never be the main source,since attacks in prominent areas cant be carried out in such a simple way-ie,locating the target and attacking.google earth is good move from Google-unless ......

  • At 12:55 PM, Blogger InfoBlaster said…

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  • At 7:50 AM, Blogger Roshan said…

    Hi Raskal,

    Just gone through your blog, really nice work. Arvind I m roshan studied in LBS 2nd batch.

    Arvind, the mentality in Indian policy circles is to keep the citizens in the dark as far as possible. Serioulsy all this talk about censoring Google earth is a bunch of crap. The indian government wants to censor every damn thing in the country, sometimes I wonder if they have the right to decide what’s good and bad for us.

    Anyways google earth isn’t the only software providing this, but it’s defintely one of the best in this area


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